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Geelong Elite

Our Geelong Elite Competitive Program's accomodate for athlete's 5yrs to adults and beginner to advanced skill levels. We offer the following two programs;


Semi-Competitive Program

Our Semi-Competitive program is one of Cheer Geelong’s competitive Programs. The program is designed to prepare athletes and families for the world of Competitive Cheer & Dance with less commitment, and more guidance throughout the year than the Allstar Program. The Semi-Comp Program is a great way to ease into the competitive stream with the following benefits; 


  • Training 1 day / night per week & 1.5 Hours per week
  • Compete within Melbourne & Geelong Only
  • Train in our Fully Equipped Gym in Geelong
  • Compete in our Geelong Elite Competition Dress
  • Lower Music Fees
  • Suitable for beginners 

Dance - Lyrical & or Hip Hop

  • Training 45minutes per genre, per week.
  • Compete within Melbourne & Geelong Only
  • Minimal Costume & Music Fee
  • Train in our Mirrored Studio on a Harlequin Dance Floor


This program is not offered at all ages/level


Allstar Program

Our All-star Program will be for those who live, eat, sleep & breathe cheer / dance, and who want to take it to the next level, to compete against the best! Athletes in the All-Star program will have a strict attendance and commitment policy. Athletes must be 7 years + to be part of the Allstar Program. Here’s what you should know about the program;


  • Minimum Training 2 nights per week & 3.75 Hours per week
  • Train in our Fully Equipped Gym in Geelong
  • Compete in our Geelong Elite Competition Dress
  • Train with a dedicated team
  • Compete at Nationals on the Gold Coast in 2022!


Dance - Lyrical, Pom & Hip Hop

  • Compulsory 45minute technique class per week for Lyrical & Pom athletes
  • 45minute training sessions per genre, per week
  • Train in our Mirrored Studio on a Harlequin Dance Floor
  • Compete at Nationals on the Gold Coast in 2022!




Enrollment process

For more information or to enrol in on of our competitive programs, please contact us via our contact form and we can discuss the next steps with you!


Age Groups

Cheer Geelong follows the IASF Cheerleading age groups for cheer and dance. For the development and success of the club and individual athletes, we aim to keep athletes in the youngest age group possible, however when/if we feel necessary, we will put athletes in older age groups if there isn’t an appropriate team for them in their most suitable age group / level. Many athletes think that being up an age group is of benefit to them, however we try to remind them that you wouldn’t want to race against the U15’s when you were only 8, as they would have an unfair advantage. We need to consider the age of the teams we compete against, rather than the idea of athletes wanting to train with ‘the big kids!’.


   Tiny Mini Youth Junior Senior Open
Dance 5 - 7yrs  7 - 10yrs 13&U 16&U 19&U 13yrs+
Cheer  5 - 7yrs 8 - 9yrs 13&U 16&U 11-19yrs 13yrs+


Level Guidelines

Below is a basic guideline of the skills that we work to execute in our Cheer Levels. Athletes will continue to train higher level skills throughout the year, however for the safety & success of our athletes/teams only perfected skills can be choreographed into routines. 

Level Semi-Comp Level 1 Level 1 Level 2 / Semi comp Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Tumble Skills



Front and Back limbers

Front and Back Walkovers


Roundoff Handsprings

Punch Fronts

Roundoff Backhandspring Tucks

Standing series backhandspring

Standing Tucks

Standing Handsprings to tuck/layout

Roundoff handspring Layouts

Stunting Skills

Prep level skills

Single legs on thigh

Twisting Prep level Skills

Assisted Single Legs

Prep Level Single Legs

Twisting Inversions to 2 feet Extended Skills

Extended Single Legs

Full Twisting Skills

Kick Full Baskets

Double Twist Transitions







Competitive Cheer combines Stunting, Tumbling, Jumps & Dance all in one visually exciting and choreographed routine. Within the required training hours athletes have dedicated time to both learning routines, and working individual skills. 


Competitive Pom is a Jazz based dance style incorporating arm motions, flexibility, turns, leaps & lifts. The pom scoresheet puts a focus on synchronization, visual effects, formations and performance. Pom routines are choreographed to fast paced, energetic music.

Hip Hop

Competitive hip-hop training consists of learning the latest popular style of Hip Hop choreography, tricks/ lifts, fitness and strength. Our Hip Hop teams learn energetic and unique routines, and wear street style costumes to compete in throughout the year.


Lyrical is a modern style of dance, where dancers aim to tell a story through their movement. Lyrical routines often incorporate leaps, kicks, turns, flexibility, and lifts. The scoresheet for Lyrical encourages strong dance technique, fluid movement & performance.